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Chengdu Push Bio-technology Co., Ltd. provide more than 3,000 natural monomeric substances, including approximately 6,000 products at different grades, specifications and purities, to meet your needs in many fields, such as natural drugs, biological pesticides, health foods, and nutritional additives. Our products have been widely used in the quality assessment of Chinese herbal medicine, analysis of extract content, research of biological activity, selection of new drug compounds, and food or nutritional supplements, etc. We have cooperated with over 1000 units, organizations and research institutions in more than 80 countries all over the world. In addition to high-quality products, we provide detailed and professional COA reports, standardized product packaging and shipping, fast and efficient supply and logistics as well as convenient and personalized approach for inquiry and purchase. We also provide professional documents (SDF, MSDS, etc.) which meet the requirements for drug selection and technical safety. Customers can find and download these documents on the PC website or mobile WeChat mall.


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